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If you would like to be a sponsor of MQ Technical Conference v2.0.1.7 (MQTC), brought to you by Capitalware, please go to the Become a Sponsor page to learn more.

    The Sponsor Pavilion will be held in the Zambezi room on:
  • Monday, September 25th, 2017 from 5:00PM to 8:00PM
  • Tuesday, September 26th, 2017 from 5:00PM to 7:30PM

Platinum Sponsor Profiles


Capitalware Inc.

Capitalware Inc. is a product development firm specializing in messaging middleware space. Capitalware Inc. sells 14 commercial products in the IBM MQ space and 1 commercial product in the MQTT marketplace. We also support 6 'licensed as free' products and 9 'open source' projects in the IBM MQ space. The products range from developer tools to security solutions.





IBM® connectivity and application integration solutions deliver access to data, applications and information regardless of platform, device or data formats—across both on-premises and cloud environments. With IBM MQ, you can connect applications and systems reliably and securely. Deployed and supported in more than 10,000 organizations, certified partners and developers, your SOA can move everything through a Messaging backbone connecting everything from the mainframe to the mobile enterprise.

IBM MQ provides a universal messaging backbone to transport messages and data inside and outside your organization. It works with a broad range of computing platforms, applications, mainframes, cloud environments and mobile devices.

IBM MQ Advanced Message Security extends the WebSphere MQ environment to provide message-level security. It offers authentication, enhanced authorization and data encryption capabilities for improved data protection.

IBM MQ Managed File Transfer facilitates the secure, reliable and real-time transfer of files within the IBM MQ network.

WebSphere MQ Telemetry extends the IBM MQ messaging backbone to a range of mobile devices, remote sensors, actuators and other devices.




Nastel Technologies

Nastel Technologies is a premier global provider of middleware-centric application performance management solutions for mission-critical applications from the datacenter to the cloud and is the only monitoring vendor with a unified platform to support all software and appliance-based middleware technology requirements.

Nastel AutoPilot® for WebSphere MQ provides monitoring and management capabilities and is considered the best-of-breed management solution. AutoPilot provides enterprises with deep dive visibility into the root-cause of problems. It’s real-time analytics using Complex Event Processing reduce the frequency of outages and reduce false-positives. Autopilot can also detect problems before users are impacted, keeping support costs low and productivity high.



Gold Sponsor Profiles


MQGem Software

MQGem Software is dedicated to providing affordable IBM® MQ services and utilities. Founded by Paul Clarke, a former member of the MQ Development team, the company provides Products, Utilities, Consultancy and Education in the area of IBM MQ.

The MQGem MO71 product has been used extensively all over the world by companies to monitor and administer their MQ networks since 1996 when it was written for the Atlanta Olympic Games. MQGem's MQSCX product radically extends the MQSC command language improving the interactive experience and allowing command files which can react to responses from the Command server allowing command scripting.




Avada Software

Avada Software specializes in Enterprise Middleware solutions. Founded by some pioneers in SOA, MQ and J2EE technology, Avada Flagship product, Infrared360, is a holistic & innovative private cloud enabled portal providing administration, monitoring, testing, auditing & statistical reporting for Enterprise Middleware including WebSphere MQ, Tibco EMS, WAS, JBoss, TC Server, WMB and tangent technologies such as Datapower. Infrared360 is a single web application, yet scales to 2500+ endpoints without deploying anything (no agents, no scripts) to those endpoints. Using Secure Collaboration, and delegated administration, the portal uniquely provides different business units or even different application users delegated virtual environments in which to work.




TxMQ, headquartered in Buffalo, NY, is an IBM Premier Business Partner delivering enterprise IT solutions, services and staffing to clients across North America for over 30 years. TxMQ provides a full spectrum of professional IT/IS services, including WebSphere software sales, implementation, support, training, and staff-aug services. Our focus today includes consulting and services in WebSphere, BPM, BI/Datawarehousing, systems management and administration, database management and administration, as well as network support and management on most major platforms and systems.





OpenLogix is an IBM Premier Business Partner and Software Reseller specializing in IBM centric solutions for: SOA, BPM, Portal, Commerce and Enterprise Mobility. With a strong background in Middleware, our Management Team has over 70 years of combined experience in delivering enterprise IT solutions to customers of all sizes. We have offices in Michigan (HQ), Pennsylvania, Texas and South Carolina and work with customers throughout the United States on upgrades, migrations, new development, maintenance and licensing needs.



Silver Sponsor Profiles


IoPT Consulting

IoT is the corporate persona of T.Rob Wyatt. Though known as "The MQ Security Guy," T.Rob also provides deep expertise in MQ Architecture, clustering, high availability, performance tuning, outage resolution and all other administrative aspects of MQ, AMS, MFT (formerly FTE), and MQTT. T.Rob brings experience from 20 years working exclusively with MQ, a holistic systems approach, excellent communication skills, proven leadership, and aggressive risk management. He will quickly become your trusted advisor for all things MQ. Now through September, you can also get one free pass to MQTC for each 40 hours worked. Call today for more information.






  • Qflex is a WebSphere MQ and WebSphere Message Broker Monitoring Facility
  • Qflex offers Statistics collection and comprehensive Reporting Facility
  • Qflex is a web-based application that is constantly monitoring your messaging infrastructure
  • Qflex is accessible from anywhere via browser




Syntegrity Innovations

Syntegrity Innovations is an Australian startup focused on product development.

Square Bubble is a product suite aimed at Integration Monitoring and Governance. It is a solution for monitoring IBM Integration products, including IIB (WMB), MQ, and DataPower. It is an agent that harvests data from running services and a set of dashboards that can be used to quickly pin point performance and other bottlenecks. The product is highly configurable to tailor the data volumes being generated and can be customised to provide more focused viewpoints. It integrates with enterprise logging solutions such as splunk and elastic.


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