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As speakers submit their sessions, the information will be posted here. We plan on having sessions on: MQ (distributed & z/OS), MQ Appliance, IIB (Message Broker), MQ Light (MQTT), MQ MFT (MQ FTE), etc.

Also, we will have lots of content on the newly released IBM MQ V9.

Potential MQ Sessions to be done by Speakers from IBM Hursley UK:

  • Introduction to MQ
  • What's New in MQ V9
  • MQ Overview - Licensing & Deliverables
  • MQ - Designing for the cloud
  • MQ - Deploying to the cloud
  • MQ - Living with the cloud
  • MQ - Practical cloud examples
  • Intro to the MQ Appliance
  • Deep Dive for the MQ Appliance
  • MQ Security - Overview
  • MQ Security - Advanced
  • What can I achieve with clustering?
  • Intro to MQ Pub/Sub
  • MQ High Availability
  • Comparison of MQ Messaging APIs
  • MQ Connectivity to External Services
  • Where's my message?
  • Building MQ Monitoring Apps
  • The MQ WebUI & REST Interface
  • z/OS Connect
  • z/OS Tuning QRep
  • other z/OS MQ topics

MQ Labs

  • MQ Labs run by IBM on Monday 8:30AM to 5:00PM in Booth 7 (next to the Aloeswood room)
  • MQ Labs run by IBM on Tuesday 8:30AM to 5:00PM in Booth 7 (next to the Aloeswood room)

MQ Distributed & z/OS Sessions

  • What's New in IBM Messaging
  • MQ Tools for your MQ Toolkit by Tim Zielke
  • The MQ Vienna Listserver: Lessons from the Past by Lee Wheaton

MQ z/OS Only Sessions

  • Using and Analysing SMF data by Lyn Elkins & Mark Taylor
  • MQ z/OS Performance & Internals by Lyn Elkins
  • MQ for z/OS - An introduction to object authorization on that 'other' queue manager by Lyn Elkins & Mitch Johnson
  • MQ for z/OS - Shared queues and why is my workload not running where I think it should by Lyn Elkins
  • An Intro to MQ Service provider and z/OS Connect by Lyn Elkins

MQ Free Format Sessions

  • Meet the Experts

Tales of MQ Terror Session

  • Bats of a Feather* by T.Rob Wyatt

* Prizes will be awarded. Send your MQ Terror Tale to T.Rob Wyatt for inclusion in the session.


  • Introduction to JSON by Roger Lacroix

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