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As speakers submit their sessions, the information will be posted here. We plan on having sessions on: MQ (distributed & z/OS), MQ Appliance, IIB (Message Broker), MQ Light (MQTT), MQ MFT (MQ FTE), etc.

Also, we will have lots of content on the newly released IBM MQ V9.

MQ Labs

  • MQ Labs run by IBM on Monday 8:30AM to 5:00PM in Booth 7 (next to the Aloeswood room)
  • MQ Labs run by IBM on Tuesday 8:30AM to 5:00PM in Booth 7 (next to the Aloeswood room)

MQ Distributed & z/OS Sessions

  • What's New in IBM Messaging by Mark Taylor
  • Connecting MQ to the Rest of the World by Mark Taylor
  • Using Open Source solutions to monitor your queue managers by Mark Taylor
  • Using and Analysing SMF data by Mark Taylor
  • Where's my message? by Matt Leming
  • What can you achieve with MQ clusters? by Matt Leming
  • MQ Console & REST API by Matt Leming
  • MQ Security - An Overview & Recap MQ's Various Security Features by Rob Parker
  • MQ Security - Deep Dive into Advanced Security Configuration Options, including MQ AMS by Rob Parker
  • An Introduction to MQ Publish/Subscribe by Matt Whitehead
  • An Introduction to and Comparison of the Different APIs supported by MQ by Matt Whitehead
  • Introduction to MQ by Sam Goulden
  • Introduction to the MQI by Morag Hughson
  • Learn to code the MQ Message Property MQI calls by Morag Hughson
  • MQ Tools for your MQ Toolkit by Tim Zielke
  • The MQ Vienna Listserver: Lessons from the Past by Lee Wheaton
  • IBM MQ MFT - An Overview and Usage by Barry Lamkin

MQ Distributed Only Sessions

  • Introduction to MQ Clients by Paul Clarke
  • Using Application Activity Trace by Morag Hughson
  • MQ High Availability by Matt Leming
  • Planning for MQ in the Cloud by Rob Parker
  • MQ in Containers by Rob Parker
  • Deploying MQ to the Cloud by Matt Whitehead
  • MQ Hybrid Cloud Architectures by Matt Whitehead

MQ z/OS Only Sessions

  • Using and Analysing SMF data by Lyn Elkins & Mark Taylor
  • MQ z/OS Performance & Internals by Lyn Elkins
  • MQ for z/OS - An introduction to object authorization on that 'other' queue manager by Lyn Elkins & Mitch Johnson
  • MQ for z/OS - Shared queues and why is my workload not running where I think it should by Lyn Elkins
  • An Intro to MQ Service provider and z/OS Connect by Mitch Johnson
  • Introduction to z/OS Shared Queues by Matt Leming

MQ Free Format Sessions

  • Meet the Experts

Tales of MQ Terror Session

  • Bats of a Feather* by T.Rob Wyatt

* Prizes will be awarded. Send your MQ Terror Tale to T.Rob Wyatt for inclusion in the session.

IBM MQ Appliance Sessions

  • Introducing the IBM MQ Appliance by Sam Goulden
  • MQ Appliance - HA & DR Deep Dive by Sam Goulden

IBM Integration Bus (Message Broker) Sessions

  • Java Compute Node API from ESQL Perspective by Srinivasa Babu Purushothaman

IBM MQ Managed File Transfer Sessions

  • IBM MQ MFT - An Overview and Usage by Barry Lamkin
  • MQ & MQMFT and How They Work in Tandem by Nancy Shray

DataPower Appliance Sessions

  • MQ-DataPower Connectivity Deep Dive by Robin Wiley


  • Introduction to JSON by Roger Lacroix

Vendor Sessions from Capitalware

  • Here encryption, there encryption, simple encryption everywhere by Roger Lacroix
  • MQTT message manipulation tool by Roger Lacroix
  • The Next Generation - MQ Visual Edit V2 by Roger Lacroix

Vendor Session from IBM

  • What is new in OMEGAMON XE for Messaging? by Barry Lamkin

Vendor Session from MQGem Software

  • The MQGems - MQ Administration tools from MQGem Software by Paul Clarke
  • The MQGems - Message manipulation tools from MQGem Software by Paul Clarke

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