The MQTC v2.0.1.5 Conference Directory can be found in PDF format here.

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MQ Distributed & z/OS Sessions

MQ Distributed Only Sessions

MQ z/OS Only Sessions

MQ Free Format Sessions

  • Meet the Experts

Tales of MQ Terror Session

  • Bats of a Feather* by T.Rob Wyatt

* Prizes will be awarded. Send your MQ Terror Tale to T.Rob Wyatt for inclusion in the session.

IBM Integration Bus (Message Broker) Sessions

IBM MQ Appliance Sessions

MQ Light/MQTT Sessions

Vendor Sessions from Capitalware

Vendor Session from Avada Software

Vendor Session from Nastel Technologies

Vendor Session from IBM

Vendor Session from IoPT Consulting

Vendor Session from TxMQ

Vendor Session from OpenLogix

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